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In this letter, Johnny writes about his relationship with Geraldine, and implies that they were once in a closer relationship. He admits that he has no right to ask, but says that he wants to return to romance.

In this letter, Johnny remarks that he's been released from the hospital, and went on a hike in the hills of England.

In this letter, Johnny describes a trip into the local English town.

In this letter, Johnny talks about his family, his current activities, and his needs.

In this letter, Johnny provides a little information about his activities and wonders about his next assignment.

In this letter, Johnny copies a poem about the standard GI experience.

In this letter, Johnny writes about writing letters, Thanksgiving dinner, and trying to purchase gifts to send home.

This letter captures Johnny's love of music. He mentions Harry James and Guy Lombardo and two songs he listens to while writing.

In this letter, Johnny comments on body image and describes some of his activities.

In this letter, Johnny describes attending the cinema, Christmas activities, and entertainment with his army unit.
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